Options for Mental Health Services During Coronavirus

Therapy over phone and other resources during this crisis

Many plans are in place both within the state and around the globe to keep everyone safe. Below are the updated standards and procedures for Telka's services.

  1. In support of Governor Gretchen Whitmer's , Temporary requirement to suspend activities that are not necessary to sustain or protect life, Telka's brief, solution-focused, CBT services are now offered exclusively over the telephone (teletherapy). This website's tools and resources pages offer coping strategies in the form of videos, book recommendations and free downloadable pdf self-help materials to compliment Telka's mental health services or to use with the provider of your choice.
  2. Teletherapy is defined as any type of communication with a client via a third party platform where advice is given virtually without being in person or  face-to-face. Communication platforms may include phone, Skype, Facetime,   Google hangouts, text, email.  Telka's current and former clients interested in scheduling a teletherapy  appointment may email  a request therapy@telkaarend-ritter.com
  3. Tip for Mental Health  Social Distancing by Dr G Raviola. Social distancing does not mean emotional distancing.
  4. Feeling the need to assist during this crisis? Check out this website to learn how you can volunteer to help others.
  5. For information on how Michigan is addressing the current state of emergency https://www.michigan.gov/coronavirus/
  6. For specific  questions about telemedicine coverage for mental health, please contact the mental health customer service telephone number on the back of your insurance card or review your policy benefits to 
  7. Teletherapy is not appropriate treatment of medical mental health emergencies including presenting a danger to self or others.  Call 911 or report to Community Mental Health with a mental health medical emergencies.


Children's book by Ana Gomez


Click HERE for a PDF of a children's book written by Ana M Gomez about the Coronavirus. She has kindly given permission for people to use, share and distribute it during this difficult time.  This book is also available HERE in Spanish